Books and Journals

Plant signaling: Understanding the molecular crosstalk

Editors: Hakeem, Khalid Rehman, Rehman, Reiaz Ul, Tahir, Inayatullah (Eds.).  SPRINGER 2014

Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources

Volume 1. Managing, sequencing and mining genetic resources

Editors: Tuberosa, Roberto, Graner, Andreas, Frison, Emile (Eds.) SPRINGER 2014

Approaches to Plant Stress and their Management

Editors: Gaur, R.K., Sharma, Pradeep (Eds.).  SPRINGER 2014

The book provides the most recent information regarding advances in genetics and physiology of abiotic stress response and crop improvement.

Applied Plant Cell Biology

Cellular Tools and Approaches for Plant Biotechnology

Editors: Nick, Peter, Opatrny, Zdeněk (Eds.). SPRINGER 2014

Merges classical concepts of plant cell biology with the recent findings of molecular studies and real-world applications.

Advances in Plant Biology

Plants and BioEnergy

Editors: McCann, Maureen, Buckeridge, Marcos, Carpita, Nick (Eds.) SPRINGER 2014

  • Endorsed by the American Society of Plant Biologists

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