XXI Prize in Life Science for Young Scientist

The Brazilian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – SBBq and GE
Health Care invite all students from Latin American countries to participate in
another scientific challenge. Read more

The award includes:
1) Prize in money at US$ 1,500.00
2) An invitation to present your research during the 47a SBBq Annual Meeting
3) Plane tickets to participate in an International Congress chosen by the


Who May register: Graduate students (doctored and master degree), undergraduates
working in Latin American countries. Recent Doctors who defended their thesis
from January 30, 2016.

Required Documents:
1) <http://sbbq.iq.usp.br/arquivos/formularios/inscricao_jt_2010.doc>  A brief
curriculum Vitae
2) Copies of publications
3) An abstract (up to 300 words) of the work to be presented
4) Copy of student identification or a letter confirming student status.
5) CD with all documents in PDF.

Documents, in paper, must be sent to SBBq office by February 20, 2017


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