PhD Position – University of Tübingen, Germany


The Department of Microbiology/Organismic Interactions in the Interfaculty Institute for Microbiology and Infection Medicine (IMIT) at the University of Tübingen is offering a

PhD position (m/w)

 With the topic:  Formation of special cell wall structures of filamentous cyanobacteria.

Cyanobacteria are of great ecological impact and have emerging biotechnological potential. In this project we focus on the formation of a recently identified cell-cell communication structure in filamentous cyanobacteria. This structure connects neighbouring cells through an array of junctions that span the septal cell wall and enables multicellular behaviour. A cell wall amidase (AmiC) is essential for the formation of nanopores in the septal cell wall, needed for construction of the cell-cell communication structure. This project aims to understand the regulation and interactions of AmiC and its mode of action in biogenesis of the functional cell communication structure on a molecular level.

More information: see Positions



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