Embrace ignorance and ask questions

Mapping Complex Information. Theory and Practice

ccxxxxxx Information designers need to practice saying ‘I don’t know’ and develop confidence in asking questions

Many times we are in situations in which we aren’t familiar with what the other person is talking about, we don’t know the book someone is describing, or we simply don’t know the answer to a question, but instead of saying so, we just say nothing, smile and nod as if we knew or respond with another question to hide our ignorance. Why is that we try so hard to mask our lack of information, particularly during work situations? Recently, I read the book ‘I don’t know’ written by Cohen (2013) in which she explains that situations like this are very common, because, socially, we judge those who don’t know the answer, and we worship those who do know it. And we are exposed to this social dynamic since a very early age.

An essential part…

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