Workshop on South Atlantic circulation variability and change

Workshop on South Atlantic circulation variability and change: integrating models and observations

1 al 5 de diciembre, en Buenos Aires, en la sede de la Fundación Casará (Av. de Mayo 1194)

The Workshop objectives are threefold:
(i) to foster communication and exchange on theoretical understanding of the South Atlantic and its role in the Atlantic basin variability and stability
(ii) facilitate dissemination of recent theoretical, modeling and observational results
(iii) identify gaps in our understanding and measurement of SAMOC through the communication between the modeling and observational communities.
As such, the workshop will bring together theoreticians, modelers and observationalists interested in the South Atlantic Ocean and its interactions with other basins.

The workshop also has a strong training component intended for students and young early-career scientists, particularly those from South American countries. Lecturers will include experts from the international SAMOC community and other researchers that have an interest in the region and its effects on the global circulation.

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