Introducing New Negatives in Plant Science

Have you ever had negative or controversial results, but nowhere to publish them? Now you can in our new journal: New Negatives in Plant Science, a peer reviewed Open Access journal that focuses on fundamental studies in algae and higher plants.

The journal will aim to avoid publication bias and make the results available to the community, thereby reducing wasted resources and time.

The Editors-in-Chief, Thomas W. Okita and José A. Olivares, explain how this journal will fill a gap in plant science literature: “More often than not we exclude from the literature the negative, null, or unvarying measurement that does not support a current hypothesis or accepted theory. We do this because of our cultural predispositions for positive reinforcement. Yet, this negative, null or unvarying information can be valuable to the scientific community in a number of ways. More importantly, it can help stimulate thinking and new hypotheses building.”

Article submission is now open, and more information on how to submit is available here. We invite you to submit your contribution!

New Journal
New journal: New Negatives in Plant Science
A platform for negative, unexpected or controversial results



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